Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明

Huang Xiaoming Music

Apart from acting and modelling, Huang Xiaoming is also regularly singing. He released 2 studio albums and sang on various soundtracks. Please find below a selection of music pieces.

Please note that this list is most likely not complete as access to the music outside of China is limited due to licensing restrictions. If you have any information on missing titles, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Year Album details Tracklist

It's Ming
  • Released: 12 December 2007
  • Label: MusicNationGroup
  • Formats: CD, DVD
  1. An Lian (暗恋) - Crush/Unrequited Love
  1. My Girl
  1. Shen Me Dou Ke Yi (什么都可以) - Anything is Possible
  1. Feng De Hai Zi (风的孩子) - Child of the Wind
  1. Mei You Ni Wo Ai Shei (没有你我爱谁) - Without You, Whom Should I Love
  1. Tian Xie Qing Ren (天蝎情人) - Scorpion Lover
  1. Niang Jiu (酿酒) - Brewing
  1. Yin Wei You Ni (因为有你) - Because of You
  1. An Jing De Xiang Ni (安静的想你) - Quietly Thinking of You
  1. I'm Coming
  1. Jiu Suan Mei You Ming Tian (就算没有明天) - Even Without Tomorrow (Even if there is no tomorrow)

  • Released: 18 March 2010
  • Label: MusicNationGroup
  • Formats: CD, DVD
  1. MOOPA (Move Party)
  1. Feng Sheng (风声) - The Message
  1. Tuan Tuan Yuan Yuan (团团圆圆) - Reunion
  1. Wo De Kuai Le Bu Shou Fei (我的快乐不收费) - My Happiness is Free of Charge
  1. Ni Shuo De Dui (你说的对) - You are Right
  1. Hao Ren Ka (好人卡) - Nice Guy Card
  1. Ni Zai Wo Xin Shang (你在我心上) - You're on My Heart
  1. Shou Bu Liao (受不了) - Unbearable
  1. Hei Mao Yu Niu Niao (黑猫与牛奶) - Black Cat and Milk
  1. MOOPA (Remix)

Year Single
2008 One World One Dream
Released April 2008
  • Promotion for the Beijing 2008 Olympics
Hao Ren Ka (好人卡)
Released September 2008
Ni Zai Wo Xin Shang (你在我心上)
Released November 2008
2009 Ni Shi Tian Shi (你是天使)
  • Ending theme to TV series Dark Fragrance
Feng Sheng (風聲)
Released September 2009
  • One of the theme songs for The Message
2010 Better City Better Life
Released January 2010
  • Duet with Elva Hsiao
  • Promotion for the Shanghai World Expo
2010 My Southern (我的南方)
Released 2010
  • Charity Single in aid of the Flood victims in China
2011 Leap of the Heart (飞跃的心(单曲))
Released September 2011
2012 Friends for Life (友情歲月)
Released December 2012
  • Duet with Shawn Yue and Ethan Ruan
  • One of the theme songs for the Guillotines

Return of the Condor Hero (2006) OST: 
Shuangfei (雙飛; Flying Together) - sang by Huang Xiaoming and Dingdang (audio file).

Huang Xiaoming singing "Black Cat and Milk" (Summer's Desire OST 2010):

The Guillotines OST: Friends for Life with Shawn Yue and Ethan Ruan (2012):

The Message OST: Feng Sheng (2010):

My Southern (我的南方) - Charity Single 2010:

Shanghai Bund OST: Even if there is no Tomorrow with Sun Li (2007):

Shen Me Dou Ke Yi 黃曉明 - 什麼都可以 (2007):

Huang Xiaoming Music

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