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Huang Xiaoming with mainland singer Han Hong. The two of them,

Huang Xiaoming with mainland singer Han Hong. The two of them,

Huang Xiaoming with mainland singer Han Hong. The two of them, along with singer Coco Lee and producer Wang Weizhong, will be the judges for the new season of CHINESE IDOL (中国梦之声).

When faced with criticism that he isn’t qualified to judge singers, Xiaoming replied, “I’ve been an artist for so many years. Have I not faced enough doubt? I didn’t think this road would have so many bumps, with all sorts of doubts. But what can I do about it?”

Xiaoming also said that he and actress Zhang Ziyi, who is facing similar criticisms for being a judge on THE X-FACTOR (中国最强音) had bumped into each other recently and discussed this issue. Xiaoming said his aim is to be himself and to do this well. “The one thing you can do is this — don’t be fake. If I can’t stand even this bit of psychological pressure, then I have no right to stand on this stage.”

Han Hong showed her support for Xiaoming, saying, “I believe that the arts are interconnected. I also believe that many people have doubts toward us and Huang Xiaoming. But I want to tell you, please be quiet. Not only can Huang Xiaoming act, he can also sing, and his singing isn’t bad. I think that, based on his many years in the film industry and his artistic perception, he won’t be lacking.”

Even though Xiaoming obviously can’t compete with singers like Han Hong and Coco Lee, he said he can use his business savvy to judge contestants based on their market appeal. He also shared that he won’t be too strict on contestants, but that he will definitely tell them honestly if they’re not fit for the entertainment industry.


Source: F Yeah! Huang Xiaoming


Huang Xiaoming on the May 2013 cover of FORBES CHINA (福布斯). He

Huang Xiaoming on the May 2013 cover of FORBES CHINA (福布斯). He
Huang Xiaoming on the May 2013 cover of FORBES CHINA (福布斯). He  Huang Xiaoming on the May 2013 cover of FORBES CHINA (福布斯). He

Huang Xiaoming on the May 2013 cover of FORBES CHINA (福布斯). He also made it onto their annual Celebrity 100 list, which ranks Chinese celebrities by their influence. Xiaoming was #8 and is the highest ranked mainland male artist. See a complete list here.

During the interview, Xiaoming joked that every time he meets a twist in life, his leg will get injured. The first time his leg was injured was in 1996, which was when he entered the Beijing Film Academy.

Since FORBES is a business-related magazine, it’s inevitable that the article will talk mostly about Xiaoming’s business efforts and investments. It also mentioned that Xiaoming has a very heightened awareness of crisis. He says, “I’m always worried that if my body or appearance becomes old one day, will I still be able to buy imported milk powder for my kids, or still be able support my parents?” This sense of responsibility fuels his drive to make more money.

Source: F Yeah! Huang Xiaoming


Forbes China release Top Chinese Celebs List

Forbes China recently released their list of the most influential Chinese celebs. Huang Xiaoming comes in at #8 - the first for a Chinese mainland actor.

At the same time he is actually on the cover for Forbes Magazine which also features an interview. In this interview he talks about his fear that one day his body will be old and his face won't look young anymore which is why he is determined to make the most out of his best years. His aim is to go beyond being the idol of idols who are working on maintaining their own image, but what is far more important wants to become someone else's example. This is what he is now focusing on in his work and with is company.

Huang Xiaoming is known for the amount of work he puts into everything while maintaining a smooth, kind and humble appearance.

Here is the complete Top 10 list from Forbes:

1. Fan Bingbing
The stunning actress has become a magnet for fashion brands looking for star power in a mainland luxury goods market that is poised to become the world’s largest. One client she’s embraced: LV. Can the Fan juggernaut go global?

2. Jay Chou
Taiwan singer, actor and director unveiled his 12th studio album, Opus 12, last December (another “12″). New flick in the works: The Rooftop, being filmed in Taiwan and the mainland, which he stars in and also directs.

3. Andy Lau
Now in his 50s, the evergreen Hong Kong star of song and film stayed popular last year with the movie Blind Detective. Lau’s sixth film with Hong Kong actress Sammi Cheng is in the works.

4. Jackie Chan
Hong Kong movie industry icon last year released what may be his last action film CZ12, or Chinese Zodiac, which he wrote and directed.

5. Zhang Ziyi
Popular actress had hit romantic comedy last year with My Last Star, which she also produced. Appears in this year’s star-laden The Grandmaster kung fu movie, directed by Hong Kong’s Wong Kar-Wai and also starring Tony Leung.

6. Eason Chan
Hong Kong singer and actor Eason Chan ranks high up again this year on the strength of his voice: His “Duo” concerts last year were big hits on the mainland.

7. Yang Mi
Actress was named most popular female singer in mainland China last year in a joint CCTV-MTV event. Last year’s flicks included Love in the Buff, Beijing Love Story and Wu Dang. Has endorsement deals with Pepsi and cosmetics brand Wetcode.

8. Huang Xiaoming
Actor turned up in several successful films last year, including Love in the Buff, An Inaccurate Memoir and White-Haired Witch. Promotes Baleno, Tissot, Olay.

9. Jolin Tsai
Taiwanese singer, a list returnee, released a new album, Muse, last year, backed up with a successful mainland concert tour. Has endorsement detail with Pepsi.

10. Lin Chi-ling
Taiwan TV hostess, model and actress. Most recent success: romantic comedy Say Yes, which took in more than $30 million in China.


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Huang Xiaoming appears on Chinese Idol Casting Show

Huang Xiaoming appeared on the Chinese casting Show "Chinese Idol" yesterday. Modelled after the American TV Show "American Idols" Huang Xiaoming is appearing as judge and mentor on the show. It is his first public appearance after his foot surgery from early April 2013. 

News on the Show:

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Arriving in Shanghai

When arriving at Shanghai airport on April 21, 2013, Huang Xiaoming caused quite a stirr with many fans awaiting him. He later asked the fans to be a little quieter as the attention around him grew.




Impromptu performance by the American Dreams in China cast for the Sichuan Earthquake victims

Instead of holding the press conference that was planned for the movie "American Dreams in China", the cast and director Peter Chan agreed to cancel the press conference and perform impromptu for the victims of the Ya'an earthquake. The overall event finished straight after this performance only 5 minutes in, but won the applause of everyone.

See the video of the impromptu performance by the American Dreams in China cast: Huang Xiaoming, Tong Dawei and Deng Chao singing "Blessing" for the victims of the Sichuan earthquake victims below.



Artists donate money in help of Earthquake Victims in Sichuan


Hit by an earthquake of the magnitude 7.0 on Saturday morning, 20th April 2013, stars, actors and others were fast in offering help to the people affected in Sichuan Ya’an Lushan County. The deathtoll so far has been named at 179 dead and over 6.700 people injured. Money homes were destroyed and people had to spend the night in makeshift shelters.

Artists from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan expressed their prayers for the victims and many were fast in offering donations to help.

Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明), who has many fans in Sichuan province wrote on his Weibo account, “Very worried after learning the news of the Ya’an earthquake early this morning. I have a lot of friends in Sichuan. Are you all well? If you are all safe, do tell us, so that we are all assured. I remember after the earthquake on May 12, 2008, I went to Ya’an and adopted a pair of twin pandas. I named them Ping Ping and An An. Putting a thousand words into one sentence, I hope everyone is safe.”

Updating his Weibo frequently, Huang Xiaoming later said that he will donate funds towards the disaster relief efforts. “Right now, the earthquake region is most in need of help. I will donate 200,000 RMB! If there is a requirement for more later, I will add money. Which charitable relief organization can tell me how to turn this amount of money into relief supplies and have them sent to those in need in the quickest manner? Urgent!!!” At 4 PM in the afternoon, Huang Xiaoming once again updated his Weibo and announced that he will further donate 100,000 RMB.

Li Bingbing (李冰冰) joined in the disaster relief donations and offered to donate 200,000 RMB. She said, “Looking at the photos of the earthquake scene made me feel sad and anxious! I will first donate 200,000 RMB, and hopefully through [Jet Li's 李連杰] One Foundation, it can help the victims in Ya’an. God bless Ya’an. Praying for those in the disaster! I hope we can do more!”

Other artists were also quick to donating money in hopes of helping the victims. Vicki Zhao (趙薇) donated 500,000 RMB, Sally Jing (景甜) donated 300,000 RMB, Enlight Media Group donated 1 million RMB, and Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) along with two friends donated 300,000 RMB altogether.

Jet Li later expressed his thanks to the many artists helping:


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