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Actor Huang Xiaoming (left) and designer Zhang Shuai wear

Actor Huang Xiaoming (left) and designer Zhang Shuai wear creations of M-77, a new fashion label they launched, at the brand’s first fashion show in Beijing. 

Huang Xiaoming may have just launched a label with designer Zhang Shuai, yet the Chinese film star insists he won’t be tapping into fans to push sales.

Wearing a black T-shirt bearing a large “M” on the chest and a pair of matching pants, A-list actor Huang Xiaoming was looking sharp in the outfit he had a hand in designing.

Last week, the 40-year-old star and the emerging designer Zhang Shuai jointly launched their fashion label M-77, and held the brand’s first fashion show for its fall/winter collection at the National Agriculture Exhibition Hall in downtown Beijing.

Born in Qingdao in East China’s Shandong province, Huang recalls his family was not able to afford good clothes when he was young.

“My mother had to tailor old clothes to make them look new and trendy. I was happy to wear them then,” says Huang.

His adolescent struggle for affordable fashion has translated into a strong desire to make non-luxury, good-value clothing for those in a similar situation.

“In those years, youngsters were usually very excited to have new clothes, but they were usually difficult to satisfy,” he explains.

Huang explains the concept behind M-77: While “M” stands for man, “77” refers to the 1970s.

He also promises the brand will focus on producing inexpensive yet good-value items to make them affordable for ordinary people, as well as adding some Chinese elements to make it more appealing than some other foreign rivals.

Huang also reveals that he will play an important role in designing the clothes, and bring his favorite elements to the brand, such as military uniforms.

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