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Huang Xiaoming shares books on big city subways

Passengers on subways in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou might find themselves some free books to read, thanks to a campaign called “MoBook.”

The campaign, which launched on Nov. 15, was organized by a Beijing-based culture company. According to the organizer, they had already left 10,000 books on subways in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, on several Hainan Airlines flights and in several Didi riding-sharing cars.

In order to encourage all passengers to join in the campaign, the company opened a Weibo account and a website. Anyone who wants to leave or pick up a book can scan the QR code on the surface of the copy, then their Weibo account and location will be recorded on the sharing platform.

Inspired by British actress Emma Watson, who’s been leaving books on public transit in London and New York, the campaign would like to recreate the same phenomenon in major cities in China.

The campaign also invited a group of Chinese celebrities to take part in it. Huang Xiaoming left 16 books on Line 14 of Beijing Subway with a handwritten note in each of them on Nov. 15.

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Source: F!Yeah Huang Xiaoming

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