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  • 5岁是儿童成长的关键点,然而每年全球有310万5岁以下儿童死于营养不良。中国贫困地区儿童的平均身高和城市儿童相差6-15厘米,正是


5岁是儿童成长的关键点,然而每年全球有310万5岁以下儿童死于营养不良。中国贫困地区儿童的平均身高和城市儿童相差6-15厘米,正是一个食物的距离。让我们珍惜食物,捐助营养头顶食物为5加油 为5加油都是爱!@中国儿童少年基金会
Five years of age is a key time in the growth of a child. Every year, 3.1 million 5-year-olds around the world die because of malnutrition. The height disparity between children from impoverished areas in China and children in the city is 6-15 cm. This is a disparity of food. Let us cherish food and donate to “Food on Top of My Head, Cheering 5 On”!

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