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“地球为什么是圆的,是为让走失的恋人 再重逢”,这是《何以》片尾的字幕,很多人看到最后被这句话感动。何以琛与赵默笙的结局希望成全所有相信爱的美梦。这张海报特别送给所有在爱的路上寻找和等待的人。#何以最感动一句话#
“Why is the Earth round? So that lovers who have wandered away can be reunited.” This is the caption during the ending credits of YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE. Many people have been touched by this phrase at the end of the movie. We hope that He Yichen and Zhao Mosheng’s ending can complete the beautiful dreams of all those who believe in love. This poster in particular is for those who are searching and waiting on the road of love. #The Most Touching Phrase in YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE#

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