Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明

Badges of Fury (2013)

The film is directed by Wang Zi Ming and produced by Po Chu Chui of Kung Fu Hustle and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame. With Wu Jing (SPL) and Collin Chou (The Matrix Reloaded, Flashpoint) also onboard in the cast line-up and Corey Yuen (Shaolin) serving as fight choreographer, martial arts fans will surely not be disappointed for the lack of quality fisticuffs.  

Story outline:

When a spate of eerie murders erupts across Hong Kong two troublemaking cops are assigned to the case. Young maverick WANG and grizzled vet HUANG who is fed up with his reckless younger partner always landing them in hot water. Reaching a dead end after discovering all the victims were former boyfriends of aspiring starlet LIU, the detectives must play a deadly game. One of them must go undercover as Liu's lover to lure the killer out.

The film is currently in post production and its scheduled for theatrical release in China in June 2013.

Director: Wang Ziming


    Jet Li
    Wen Zhang
    Liu Shishi
    Ada Liu
    Michelle Chen
    Sara Lin
    Collin Chou
    Jacky Wu Jing
    Tian Liang
    Stephy Tang
    Feng Danying
    Bruce Leung
    Alex Fong Lik-Sun
    Huang Xiaoming
    Bryan Leung
    Tong Dawei
    Grace Huang
    Raymond Lam
    Kevin Cheng
    Ma Yili
    Stephen Fung
    Oscar Chan

Also Known As:
Bu Er Shen Tan
The One Detective

Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Drama, Action, Comedy, Mystery

Trailer for Badges of Fury 2013:

Jet Li's new movie Badges of Fury (2013) features various guests: e.g. Tong Dawei and Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明 - here are excerpts of these guest appearances and their filming.

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