Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明

The Croods (2013)

Huang Xiaoming has recorded the voice-over for the Chinese release of THE CROODS, a DreamWorks Animation film.

Xiaoming speaks the voice for Guy, the male lead, who is voiced by Ryan Reynolds in the English-language version.

 -  Animation | Adventure | Comedy  -  22 March 2013 (USA)

Directed by
Kirk De Micco        
Chris Sanders        

Writing credits
Chris Sanders (screenplay)
Kirk De Micco (screenplay)
John Cleese (story)
Chris Sanders (story)
Kirk De Micco (story)

The English-language release features Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds. Hiring Huang Xiaoming for the Chinese voice of Guy, Dreamworks hopes to provide the Chinese release with a similar top line-up. This animation movie is the first time Huang Xiaoming is dubbing a voice-over.  Still recovering from his injuries sustained while filming White Haired Witch in November 2012, he was eager to take over this first dubbing job.

“The biggest difference between the speech of foreigners and the Chinese is that [foreigners] have a lot of interjections, as well as strange sounds,” Xiaoming said. Nevertheless, he shared that many people have told him that his voice is well suited for “wacky behavior,” leading him to joke that he should have entered the sphere of animated film dubbing earlier.

A professional dubbing coach guided Xiaoming along on this production and despite being new to dubbing, Xiaoming enjoyed this new challenge: “I’m still a little childish at heart,” he said, “so interpreting an animated character was not hard for me.”

What was new to him was the swift tempo of the animation movie: “You must keep your eyes on every small movement that your character makes,” Xiaoming shared, “and then you must make a response with your voice and your tone. The tempo of the speech is very fast, and it’s easy to fall behind.”

When asked if he prefers acting or voice dubbing, Xiaoming replied, “Acting is my life. Voice dubbing is a job. If there’s another good role in the future, I will continue doing voice dubbing for animated films. On a certain level, these two jobs complement each other.”

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