Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明

Cruel Romance (锦绣缘·华丽冒险) (2014)

Cruel Romance  (锦绣缘·华丽冒险)



Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明)
Chen Qiao’en
Kimi Qiao
Lv Jiarong
Gardner Tse
Qi Ji

Also known as:
Fate of the Brocade: Extravagant Adventure
Production start: September 2013.


A 1930s romance based in Shanghai bund following the trend of adapting a popular novel.

UPDATE: New photos of Huang Xiaoming and Chen Qiao’en in CRUEL ROMANCE (锦绣缘·华丽冒险) were published in TV SERIES MAGAZINE (电视剧杂志) in February 2014. Here are some highlights from the accompanying magazine article (credit to

  • Huang Xiaoming did not read the original novel, THE FATE OF JINXIU (锦绣缘), because he knew there would be discrepancies between the drama screenplay and the source novel, and he did not want his performance to be influenced by the novel.
  • The basic characters have not changed, but the drama has fleshed out a lot more of the details and added more plotlines.
  • Xiaoming did not find it difficult to act Zuo Zhen, because he thinks Zuo Zhen’s personality is very similar to his own. He’s pretty sure that Zuo Zhen is a Scorpio like him.
  • Most of Xiaoming’s scenes with Kimi Qiao are fighting scenes. Although Xiaoming has filmed a lot of fighting scenes before, he still worries about filming them, especially after his accident on the set of THE WHITE HAIRED WITCH OF LUNAR KINGDOM 3D (白发魔女传之明月天国), when he injured his left foot after falling off a wire.
  • Xiaoming had forgotten about his previous collaboration with Chen Qiao’en, when he was on set for two days for a cameo in BREAKING THE WAVES (激浪青春). He says Qiao’en is a very good actress, and when the two work together, he can believe that the scene they are portraying is real.
  • CRUEL ROMANCE is Qiao’en’s first period drama and is the first time she got to wear a qipao in a drama. She was also excited that she got to film gun scenes and explosion scenes for the drama.
  • Apart from Rong Jinxiu, Qiao’en also plays a Japanese girl who dies a tragic death. She is the fiancee of villain Maeda Ryuichi and happens to look exactly like Jinxiu.
  • Although her character initially likes Xiang Yingdong more than Zuo Zhen, Qiao’en realized that in real life, she is more partial toward Zuo Zhen, because she doesn’t like humorous guys, since humorous guys attract a lot of girls. Qiao’en prefers guys who are concentrated on her alone, even if they are plain spoken like Zuo Zhen.

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