Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明

Wu Wen Xi Dong (2013)

About: Reflection of the prestigious Tsinghua University's spirit.

Original Title: 无问西东
International title:
Directed by: Li Fangfang
Country: China
Genre: Drama
Years of production: 2011-2012
Place of Shooting: Beijing, Yunnan, Gansu, Guangdong
Budget: 15 Millions $

The shooting took place at the Tsinghua University campus. Some students of the university join the cast during the shooting.

The script of the film has been changed several times during the shooting (even 20 minutes before the shooting). Director Li Fang-Fang showed the script to the actors and let them choose their own role. On campus shooting happened in October / November 2011 while the shooting in Beijing was completed by April 2012, the crew then went on to shoot in Yunnan later in the year.

Zhang Ziyi, Chang Chen, Huang Xiaoming play four harbor dreams of Tsinghua. Zhang Ziyi plays a student and seemed to enjoy her “friendly” character and the stress-free shooting.


Huang Xiaoming

Zhang Ziyi
Wang Minjia

Chang Chen

Wang Leehom

Chen Chusheng

Here is the video shown during the press conference held in Tsinghua University auditorium on April 16th, 2012 with excerpts of the movie:

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