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终于赶在年夜饭之前收工~回家咯!大家都吃上年夜饭了吧?还没有回家的人也赶快飞奔到家人身边团团圆圆[坏笑](ps:没顶住七大姑八大姨的苦口婆心,红袜子上脚[笑cry]) ​​​​
Was finally able to get off work before the New Year’s Eve family dinner~ Going home! Everyone was able to eat the New Year’s Eve family dinner, right? Those of you who have not gone home yet, quickly dash to your family members’ side and reunite. (P.S. I wasn’t able to withstand my seventh and eight sister-in-law’s persuasion, the red socks are on my feet)

Source: F!Yeah Huang Xiaoming

Huang Xiaoming with a Spongebob diaper cake from TISSOT, to

Huang Xiaoming with a Spongebob diaper cake from TISSOT, to congratulate him on becoming a father.

Originally, Xiaoming was supposed to return to mainland China at the end of January in order to film a new TISSOT commercial. However, the company decided to shoot the commercial in Hong Kong instead so Xiaoming could stay with Angelababy and his son “Little Sponge.” TISSOT also gave him a classic 1936 watch with “1+1=3″ carved on it.

Xiaoming described fatherhood as an “extremely special, indescribable feeling.” He is looking forward to celebrating his son’s first Lunar New Year this weekend.

Source: F!Yeah Huang Xiaoming