Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明

Shanghai Bund (2007)

Director: Gao Xixi

Also Known As:
Xin Shang Hai Tan

Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Release Date: 2007
Episodes: 42
Runtime: 45 minutes per episode
Genre: Romance, Action

Shanghai Bund is a 2007 Chinese television series and a remake of the 1980 Hong Kong television series The Bund produced by TVB. Directed by Gao Xixi, the series starred Huang Xiaoming, Betty Sun, Li Xuejian and Huang Haibo in the lead roles.


  • Huang Xiaoming as Xu Wenqiang
  • Betty Sun as Feng Chengcheng
  • Li Xuejian as Feng Jingyao
  • Huang Haibo as Ding Li
  • Chen Shu as Fang Yanyun
  • Sha Yi as Chen Hanlin
  • Lu Jixian as Uncle Xiang
  • Zhou Mingshan as Uncle Jiu
  • Lu Ling as Yamaguchi Kaoriko

Jiang Hu have provided excellent English subtitles for the whole series of Shanghai Bund. You can check out the download here: Jiang Hu (translator team).

Story (caution: spoiler)

TVB drama The Bund (1980), starring Chow Yun Fat, Ray Lui, and Angie Chiu, has become a classic title in Hong Kong's TV history. The 1999 movie version by Andy Lau and the late Leslie Cheung was just as acclaimed. The 2007 Mainland TV re-make, titled Shanghai Bund, featuring Huang Xiaoming from Condor Heroes and Sun Li who stars alongside Jet Li in Fearless, fascinates TV fans by retelling a captivating story about romance and vengeance.

Xu (Huang Xiaoming) unexpectedly saves a pretty lady, Feng (Sun Li), and falls in love with her. Her father, Shanghai's most influential triad leader, helps Xu and his best friend Ding Li to become powerful men in the Shanghai Bund. Soon, Xu discovers that Feng's father is actually aiding the Japanese to invade China, and out of his patriotism he turns against his would-be father-in-law, who then sends assassins to kill Xu. Xu has no choice but to leave his beloved woman and flee for his life.  Later Xu returns to Shanghai, trying to take revenge on Feng's father for killing his family and gets heartbroken when he finds out that it is actually his "brother" Ding Li who will marry Feng.

Frances Yip, whose theme song for the 1980 TV version has enchanted so many, returns to perform the theme song for this 2007 version of Shanghai Bund. The original theme song was performed in Cantonese while the new one is in Mandarin.

Shanghai Bund (2007 TV series)
Traditional Chinese 新上海灘
Simplified Chinese 新上海滩

Shanghai Bund Theme Song from Frances Yip with pictures of the TV series and English subtitles to the song:
Also known as New Bund
Genre Period drama
Written by Xu Bing
Wang Wanping
Ouyang Qinshu
Wu Ran
Directed by Gao Xixi
Presented by Li Ruigang
Wei Wenbin
Li Mi
Tong Jingming
Starring Huang Xiaoming
Betty Sun
Li Xuejian
Huang Haibo
Composer(s) 1. Zheng Pingchang
2. Beijing Tianzhong Culture Development
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 42
Executive producer(s) Zhang Suzhou
Zhao Jingchun
Liang Zhixiang
Li Xiaofeng
Zhang Xiao
Yang Lingling
Yang Guojun
Wang Guangqun
Chen Mengjuan
Bai Fangjin
Chen Hua
Yang Wenhu
Yang Yang
Wu Hua
Yu Haofeng
Lu Qun
Zhang Shaohui
Wang Yanping
Xu Zhihao
Lu Dongzhang
Producer(s) Fang Jun
Ding Hui
Li Xiaolin
Wan Rong
Li Mi
Zhu Hongmei
Editor(s) Lin Hongguang
Location(s) China
Cinematography Zhu Shen
Lin Feng
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Production company(s) 1. Beijing Tianzhong Yinghua Media
2. Eastern Shanghai International Culture Film & Television Group
3. Xiao Xiang Film Group
4. Guangdong Xinghe Media
Distributor 1. Zhou Qin
2. Beijing Tianzhong Yinghua Media
3. Dongyang Baiyi Media Production
First shown in 25 January 2007

Jiang Hu have provided excellent English subtitles for the whole series of Shanghai Bund. You can check out the download here: Jiang Hu (translator team).

Shanghai Bund OST: Even if there is no tomorrow - sang by Sun Li and Huang Xiaoming:

Shanghai Bund OST: The Theme song sung by Huang Xiaoming in Cantonese:

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