Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明

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Year Title Role Notes
2014 Cruel Romance (锦绣缘·华丽冒险)   film locations in Taiwan and Shanghai with Chen Qiao’en Dec 2013
2014 Everyone Loves a Tender Woman  
  filming started November 2013 and features Zhou Xun
2014 Insanity (暴疯语) Li Yaowen filming September 2013
2014 The Crossing (生死戀)  Lei Yifang filming July-September 2013, release dates: Pt 1: Dec 2nd, 2014. Pt 2 in May 2015
2014 The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom (3D)
Zhuo Yihang release date: 2nd August 2014
2013 No Asking West East (Wu Wen Xi Dong) (无问西东)  Chen Peng release date ?
2013 Amazing (神奇) Bing Shan NBA collaboration; Nominee "Golden Goblet Award"  16th Shanghai Film Festival 2013;  release date 28. September 2013
2013 Crimes of Passion aka Sentimental Story 
Xue Yu release date 08. August 2013
2013 Saving Mother Robot 2 《瑪德2號》aka
Mother Android II aka Madeleine II (玛德2号)
Xiao Tie release date 08. August 2013
2013 Badges of Fury (不二神探) "Man in Black" guest appearance
2013 American Dreams in from China (中国先生) Cheng Dongqing  
2013 The Croods (DreamWorks Animation) Guy Mandarin voice-over dub
2012 The Guillotines (血滴子) Tianlang  
2012 Love in the Buff (志明与春娇2)   guest appearance
2012 The Last Tycoon (大上海) Cheng Daqi (young)  
2012 An Inaccurate Memoir (匹夫) Fang Youwang also producer; Wan Xiang Award for Most Outstanding Actor in a Leading Role
2011 Underground Resistance (時空地道)   originally planned for 2011, later put on hold (not realized)
2011 Breaking the Waves (激浪青春)    guest appearance, filmed in 2010, this movie will be aired in cinemas in June 2014
2010 Ip Man 2 (叶问2) Huang Liang Beijing Student Film Festival for Most Popular Actor
2010 Flirting Scholar 2 (唐伯虎点秋香2) Tang Bohu  
2010 Sacrifice (赵氏孤儿) Han Jue Nominated —Hong Kong International Film Festival Of Best Outstanding Supporting Actor
2010 Adventure of the King (龙凤店) Tang Bohu  
2009 The Message (风声) Takeda Nominated — Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actor
2009 Searching for Dust (寻找微尘)   guest appearance
2009 The Founding of a Republic (建国大业)   guest appearance
2008 Fit Lover (爱情呼叫转移2)   guest appearance
2007 A Sunny Day (晴天日記)    
2007 The Sniper (神枪手)  Ling Jing only released in 2009
2006 The Story of Ah Bao (阿宝的故事)   guest appearance
2006 The Banquet (夜宴)  (aka Legend of the Black Scorpion) Yin Sun  
2005 Legend of the Dragon (龙威父子) Qi Feng  
2000 Bright Heart (明亮的心) Ma Lu Hua Biao Film Award for Best Film
1999 Marry Me aka Let's Get Married (我们结婚吧) Li Jun