Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明

小海绵降临 母子平安 ​​​​ Little Sponge has arrived

小海绵降临 母子平安 ​​​​
Little Sponge has arrived. Mother and son are doing well.

AKA ANGELABABY GAVE BIRTH! Here’s a news report:

Chinese entertainment’s golden couple, Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming, welcomed a son in Hong Kong on Tuesday (Jan 17), they announced.

His company, Huang Xiaoming Studio, said on Weibo: “We want to share with you a happy moment: This morning, Angelababy gave birth to a son naturally, accompanied by Huang Xiaoming and family. The AH couple have a beautiful continuation of love. Henceforth, they are 1 + 1 = 3, which is probably what happiness looks like.”

According to Apple Daily, Angelababy checked into hospital on Monday, after Huang and the couple’s parents arrived in Hong Kong. The couple had meant to choose a day for a caesarean birth, but Angelababy went into labour earlier than the original due date around Chinese New Year, said the report.

Huang is said to have been moved to tears at the birth.

The 27-year-old China-born, Hong Kong-based actress and the 39-year-old Chinese actor married in 2015.

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Huang Xiaoming attending a press conference in Taipei, Taiwan

Huang Xiaoming attending a press conference in Taipei, Taiwan for ROTAI massage chairs. His wife Angelababy, who is seven months pregnant, accompanied him to Taiwan. (See pictures of them arriving at Taoyuan Airport here.)

When asked if he normally gives Angelababy massages, Xiaoming replied, “I’m okay doing whatever she asks me to do.”

Xiaoming also shared that expecting a baby has given him new direction, motivation, and hope, and that it is the start of an exciting new period of time.

While in Taiwan, Xiaoming and Angelabably met up with many close friends, such as Ruby Lin, Michelle Chen, and Chiu Li-Kwan. Xiaoming jokingly said that because Taiwan has too much good food, he has already gained more than 5 kg.

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UNAIDS names Huang Xiaoming as goodwill ambassador to China

The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) has appointed the celebrated actor Huang Xiaoming as a UNAIDS National Goodwill Ambassador for China. The announcement was made at an event at the UNAIDS office in Beijing on Monday.

“Huang Xiaoming is an inspiration for millions of people,” said Catherine Sozi, UNAIDS Country Director for China. “I am thrilled that he will leverage his amazing platform as a gifted actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist to help end the AIDS epidemic by 2030. His efforts can re-energize HIV prevention and transform many lives in China and beyond.”

In his new role, Huang will raise awareness on the importance of universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support, with a special emphasis on HIV prevention among young people.

“I am honored by this appointment as UNAIDS National Goodwill Ambassador to China,” Huang said. “I am glad that I can play at a least a small part in helping to intensify efforts on HIV prevention. My hope is young people understand the need to take proper measures to protect not only their own health but the health of the people they love.”

Huang began his acting career in 1998 as the star of the television drama, Love is not a Game. He rose to prominence for playing the lead role in the TV series on the Han emperor. He has also starred in numerous movies that have been box office hits in China.

Huang’s humanitarian work has included donating funds to support post-disaster reconstruction following the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan province and adopting the twin pandas, Pingping and An'an, that were born and rescued after the quake.

There were 654,000 people living with HIV in China by end of September 2016, according to UNAIDS. Young people are particularly vulnerable to HIV.

Thirteen young people ages 15-24 are infected with HIV every hour in Asia and the Pacific. In China, 7.1% of people living with HIV are young people, UNAIDS said.

Read more at the original source. Photo from Weibo.

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Huang Xiaoming shares books on big city subways

Passengers on subways in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou might find themselves some free books to read, thanks to a campaign called “MoBook.”

The campaign, which launched on Nov. 15, was organized by a Beijing-based culture company. According to the organizer, they had already left 10,000 books on subways in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, on several Hainan Airlines flights and in several Didi riding-sharing cars.

In order to encourage all passengers to join in the campaign, the company opened a Weibo account and a website. Anyone who wants to leave or pick up a book can scan the QR code on the surface of the copy, then their Weibo account and location will be recorded on the sharing platform.

Inspired by British actress Emma Watson, who’s been leaving books on public transit in London and New York, the campaign would like to recreate the same phenomenon in major cities in China.

The campaign also invited a group of Chinese celebrities to take part in it. Huang Xiaoming left 16 books on Line 14 of Beijing Subway with a handwritten note in each of them on Nov. 15.

Read more at the source.

Source: F!Yeah Huang Xiaoming

Working Steadily Toward Our 16-Year Appointment

Huang Xiaoming recently posted a thank-you letter to his fanclub, Mingjiao, on his Weibo account. The contents of the letter have been translated below. Every year, he holds a get-together with his fanclub in the month of November. This year’s meeting will be on November 6th.


Many years ago, Mingjiao gave Director Zhang [Jizhong] a very long letter, recommending that I play Yang Guo. At the time, it was also because of Mingjiao’s encouragement that I had the confidence to act in a classic drama like RETURN OF THE CONDOR HEROES (神雕侠侣). But what many people may not know is that, just like Xiaolongnv and Yang Guo made an appointment to meet again after 16 years, we also had a “16-year appointment.” It is just that this appointment has nothing to do with life or death; it is concerned only with love and accompaniment.

This year is already my 16th year in the industry. On November 6, I will also arrive as planned. Actually, it’s already become a habit to have a day to spend with you each year. Everybody will get together and discuss their daily lives, laugh, and joke around. Sixteen years have already changed our relationship a long time ago, from actor and fans to something like family members and close friends.

I still remember two 70-plus-year-old Japanese grandmothers who made a special trip from Japan many years in a row in order to attend our gathering. Because some of you live far away, many of you sat on hard-seat trains for more than 30 hours in order to rush over here. Some of you even gave me your charity contribution certificates as birthday gifts, showing your approval of my saying, “Let charity become a habit.” This was also the first time I felt gratified for the responsibilities and burdens on my shoulders. I cannot repay you for these favors. I can only proudly walk the red carpet while raising up the giant crab you sent me or board the airplane while holding the pomegranate you sent me. This is because they were sent by my family and have to be carried by my side.

You have been stronger than I have on this road of trials and hardships. Every time I entered into deep self-doubt or met with pressure, I could always feel the strength coming from you all. This “armor” made me brave and able to take on anything, untiring and willing to work hard. Perhaps there have previously been some overly careless choices or imperfect endings, but you have understood and supported me like family members would, and I store each of these in my heart. The most precious and rarest things on this earth are those that time allows us to understand. In any case, no matter how many more 16 years the future holds for us, at least our dreams still exist, our passion is just as before, so what is there to be afraid of? Let’s meet on the road~

Source: F!Yeah Huang Xiaoming

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