Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明

电影还没上映,大哥刘德华就带着我和@沈腾 火急火燎的出道了!别问我们

电影还没上映,大哥刘德华就带着我和@沈腾 火急火燎的出道了!别问我们 #三里屯组合# 为啥这么着急,还不是为了唱个曲儿让你们先乐呵乐呵 来来来,戳链接一起《笑一笑》
The movie hasn’t been released yet, but older brother Andy Lau took me and Shen Teng on a burning debut! Don’t ask why this #Sanlitun Group# is so worried. It’s because we want to sing a song that will let you all be happy. Come, come come, hit the link and “Laugh A Bit” together.

(This is the theme song for MISSION MILANO. I haven’t seen it uploaded to YouTube yet, but I’ll post the video once one surfaces.)

Source: F!Yeah Huang Xiaoming

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