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Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming no longer tell each other about their intimate scenes with others

Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming no longer tell each other about their intimate scenes with others:

Speaking to The Straits Times over the phone from Shanghai last week, Huang says: “We understand each other very well after being together for so long. We know where the no-go areas are and what we are comfortable with each other doing in such scenes.”

Huang, 38, and Angelababy, whose real name is Angela Yeung, tied the knot last year after a six-year courtship.

They are in the new Chinese mythological movie League Of Gods, but do not share any screen time.

The 27-year-old actress plays the object of affection of the movie’s hero Lei Zhen Zi, played by Hong Kong actor Jacky Heung. Huang plays deity character Erlang Shen in a cameo role.

On what he thinks of his wife and Heung’s on-screen romance, Huang says: “Of course I’m fine (with them acting as a couple). We are actors and we need to be professional. Besides, Jacky is my younger brother.”

Huang is the godson of Heung’s movie mogul parents, Charles Heung and Tiffany Chen. The movie is produced by the film studio company, China Star Entertainment, run by Heung’s parents.

In fact, Huang reveals that he had taken on the project as a favour to his godparents: “This show is produced by my godfather and godmother. So I must take on this project. I even brought along Baby.”

Fans of the celebrity couple should not hold their breath hoping to see Huang and his wife romance each other on screen.

“Baby and I feel that the chances of us playing an on-screen couple are low, unless the roles are really good,” says Huang. The two previously played a dating couple in the cop romantic thriller Crimes Of Passion (2013).

For now, audiences can watch Huang share an emotional scene with an imaginary dog in League Of Gods.

His character has to get all teary-eyed when reuniting with his faithful companion - a celestial dog named Sky Howler.

Huang says with a laugh: “It was a test of my acting skills. I had to use my imagination. There was no real dog. I had to face an imaginary ‘dog’ and cry.

"Luckily, Erlang Shen and I share a similarity. I’m a dog lover too. I have three dogs and four cats.”

Source: F!Yeah Huang Xiaoming

League of Gods’ Jet Li and Huang Xiaoming are the best friends you wish you had

League of Gods’ Jet Li and Huang Xiaoming are the best friends you wish you had:

Set in the Shang Dynasty, the movie features Jet Li’s Jiang Ziya as he assembles a band of underdogs — Ji Lei played by Jacky Heung, Er Lang Shen played by Huang Xiaoming and Nezha played by Wen Zhang.

“The Heungs are my god-parents, and Jacky Heung’s my god-brother. So I had to help my friends and family out. It’s also a good opportunity to showcase his strengths and capabilities as an actor and martial artist,” Huang said in a separate phone interview with the Singapore press.


For Huang, however, being a great friend came at a cost. After sustaining leg injuries while filming Chinese fantasy flick The White Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom in 2012, Huang told us that he still feels pain when he does action sequences or stands for too long — both of which he did plenty of in League of Gods as Er Lang Shen.

“The costume for Er Lang Shen was also very heavy and warm. So every half an hour, I’ll feel faint and will have to rest,” said Huang.

“As an actor, no matter how difficult it is, you still have to work hard to give your best. I still do most of my own stunts, so I just tolerate and push through the pain and fatigue. I always keep in mind the crew and cast, people who are counting on me to do my job well. I persevere for all their sakes.”

Besides the physical hurdles, there was also emotional terrain for Huang to cross. His wife, Angelababy, stars in the movie as Heung’s love interest. When asked if it bothered him that Angelababy has romantic scenes with his god-brother, Huang said: “We both act for a living, so I’m used to it. I never limit her in terms of job choices because I honour and trust her decisions for her own career. It is not my place to tell her what to do.”

Source: F!Yeah Huang Xiaoming

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