Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明


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Huang Xiaoming on Men's Uno Cover June 2013

As already reported below, Huang Xiaoming is gracing the new cover of Men's Uno. Below you'll find the other pictures. 
Here is the commercial for the magazine again:

Click on any of the images below to see an enlarged version.

Promotional event for The Patriot Yue Fei Shandong 1st June 2013


There is currently a promotional event for the Patriot Yue Fei held at the Capital Gymnasium in Shandong (1st June 2013 4pm onwards). We will be updating this news piece as more pictures and videos of the interviews recorded become available.

The evening will be followed with a red carpet event and a concert.

Please ensure to also check out our special "The Patriot Yue Fei" picture gallery where we will be posting photos of the promotional round as they become available: Promotional Gallery for The Patriot Yue Fei


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The full Gallery is available at: Promotional Gallery for The Patriot Yue Fei

Men's Uno Magazine now released

The new edition of Men's Uno with Huang Xiaoming on the cover has now been released. Here is the Cover and a short commercial (video) with statement from Huang Xiaoming on "success" below. Enjoy.

The movie A Sentimental Story will premiere on 13 August 2013

The movie "A Sentimental Story" which stars Angelababy and guest-stars Huang Xiaoming will premiere August 13, 2013 at the Tanabata Festival.

A press conference was held yesterday in Shanghai. Huang Xiaoming who did not attend sent a special video message instead. The special message can be seen in the news report below.

The movie, originally filmed in 2010, was supposed to be released much closer to the filming but was then later rescheduled. With the rising fame and popularity of both Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy the team behind the movie has now decided that this summer suits a release well.

To learn more about the movie, visit our Filmography page: A Sentimental Story (2013)

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