Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明

Huang Xiaoming to Voice Audio Book about AIDS

The UNAIDS China office released on Tuesday The Bravest Boy I Know (最勇敢的男孩), a free Chinese-language audio book, to raise awareness and fight AIDS-related discrimination, particularly against children. 

Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, a UNAIDS national goodwill ambassador, provides the voice for central character Xiaoming, an 8-year-old HIV sufferer. 

The book tells the story of a friendship between Xiaoming and Xiaoli, who is HIV free, and sends the message that with treatment and support from families, friends and school, children with HIV/AIDS can have a normal and happy childhood. 

It was released to mark Zero Discrimination Day, which falls annually on March 1, and can be downloaded for free from the UNAIDS China website.

“These are children who were born with HIV. They are young people yearning for a better future. The more I listen to their stories, the more I’m eager to do something to help them,” Huang said at the book launch in Beijing. 

“I want more people to know about this community instead of avoiding and discriminating against them.”

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Source: F!Yeah Huang Xiaoming

带着爸爸看红月亮,据说上次是152年前,不过我们只拍到个这么小的你们拍到大的了吗,能帮我P一个不 I took my dad

I took my dad to see the red moon. Word is that the previous one was 152 years ago, but the only picture we got of it was this small.
Did you get a picture of a bigger moon? Can you help me Photoshop?

Source: F!Yeah Huang Xiaoming

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